Are page ranks for subdomains independent?

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If I have a domain name say

and I want to host 2 sites X and Y as subdomains of that site.


help out
in page rank? Or will google treat them as 2 separate sites as far as page rank is concerned?

Is there any SEO benefit at all?

The question stems from this post and its answers and comments by the way:

Comments like this one and others:


No doubt the site will be great either
way. But all things being equal
questions from a "smaller site" (with
less traffic and less overall
linkbacks as far as Google is
concerned) will have a lower Google
ranking than if the site is "seen" as
part of a huge network (made up of all
the SE sites combined) with ONE
top-level domain. Is it worth it? –
Robert Cartaino♦ 2 days ago

Or this one:


Is it worth sacrificing the network
effect of being on the Stack Exchange
Network AND the lower Google ranking
on every question (smaller sites will
have lower rankings than a large
network) to have the independent
domain name? That's what I am asking.
– Robert Cartaino♦ 2 days ago

Or this one:


@alexanderpas correct, and nothing
will destroy that search ranking
faster than splitting pagerank across
25+ unique domain names. – Jeff
Atwood♦ yesterday


PageRank and a page's rank are per page. Not per site. So every page is judged on its own individual merits and there is no concept of "web sites" as far as they are concerned.

To better understand the problem I suggest you visit this link:

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