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Before you start a thread "I need to make $xxx a day/week/month, what do I need to do?" just remember those posts are against the T.O.S. (you did read the T.O.S. right?). What is the point of a thread like that anyway? You don't need to ask the question, you already found it.

There is a difference between a newbie member and being a noob. Are you expecting that everyone should start reposting every method already posted in the forum every time some noob starts a new thread? It doesn't work that way. Please refrain from making your first post until you have gone into the existing forums. When you do start posting, take it easy. Make just a few posts sticking to a topic you are working with. Take it slow until you have an idea of the type of impression you're making.
Unless you are an experienced marketer with something that might contribute to the forum, there is very little reason to make a new post in an existing thread, and there is even less reason to be starting a new thread during the first few days of being a member. Even if you are experienced you should still lurk around the forum a little while to get an idea of what is already here. That cutting edge method you discovered and want to share right away, might already have been discussed before.

This forum is open to people of all skill levels and experience, but it is not a training forum for basic computer skills. Don't let that intimidate you. If you don't want to be seen as a noob, then you should also have other resources to learn from.

The "secret" to success is diligence, and experience. There isn't a "TRICK TO MAKE MONEY."

Again. until you have spent time reading and learning something about methods already offered and discussed throughout Warrior Forum, there is no reason to post a reply, and especially no reason to start a new thread.


Don't let any of that make you scared to ask a question here, or share some information. That's what the forum is about. If noone asked questions, or discussed topics there wouldn't be much value here.

Just use some common sense. If you follow the above guide lines you won't run in to many problems with other members. Remember a specific question posted in a pertinent thread will get you better results than starting a thread for a general question. If you do need to start a thread the same thing applies, a specific question will get better results that a general "Help Me Please" question.

When you're looking through the threads and see someone getting flamed for a post or thread, take notice of the post. Flaming isn't really encouraged on this forum any more than anyplace else. There are many members that have learned that the hard way when the mods banned their account instead of the member they were flaming. But if you've been a member for less than a month or so, and haven't made many posts of your own yet, don't try to argue about whether it should be flamed or not.

The mods will make their own determination about that. With a few exceptions, most of the time when someone gets flamed over an inappropriate post it should be taken as a lesson. There is usually a good reason they are getting flamed, you should look at it as a learning opportunity for yourself, so you know how not to make a similar mistake.

The same thing applies if it happens to one of your own posts.
Sometimes in the school of hard knocks, people get knocked down.
Just learn from it so you don't make the mistake again.
Before you proceed to make any post or PM me, make sure to read Rules and Regulations.
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