Withdraw/Deposit money in Pakistan using Paypal

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If you're in the digital business and from Pakistan, this is the one question you will ask or get to hear a lot. There are many foreign corporations who are paying you money for different online works such as freelancing, reviewing sites, click to earn and many more. Such renowned corporations include eBay, BuySellAds, Amazon etc. The problem is these sites mostly pay through PayPal which is not available in some regions including Pakistan. However, it is very necessary to Use Paypal within Pakistan, because without it, you can lose a lot of money.

While searching for particular method on how to get verified or how to withdrawal money from Paypal I stumbled upon this website called PayPal Pakistan. Of course the system is not automated, you'll have to contact with their representative which at this time there are only two. Just for the sake of testing out their system I tried to withdraw a small amount of $50 and guess what the response time was amazing. As soon as I sent those $50 from my account, they paid me in cash via Easypaisa. 

That being said, I can't guarantee this will work for every each of you but this is only my experience with them, and I'm very much satisfied with their service. 

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